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EverEscents Organic Hair Care

EverEscents Organic Hair Care offers a pure and natural Organic hair care range that is plant based using certified organic ingredients merged together from the abundant Australian environment. EverEscents is the home of Organic shampoo, Organic conditioner, Organic treatments and Organic hair styling products. Sold and recommended exclusively by professional salons.

EverEscents – Borne By Nature

The EverEscents philosophy is to offer a high quality professional range of hair care products that are made with Organic ingredients whilst all business practices are conducted with the utmost respect for the environment.

EverEscents Organic Hair Care is Australia’s leading brand of professional quality Organic hair care, offering a beautiful range of unique products to suit every hair and scalp type. Featuring ethically and sustainably sourced Vegan ingredients that are Certified Cruelty Free and Australian Made in a Certified Organic factory. All products are meticulously formulated and tested to be the safest yet most effective on the market and all products are hand-crafted with the best possible ingredients. No toxins, no fillers and no questionable ingredients.

EverEscents – Borne By Nature

Star Ingredients


A rich, natural moisturiser containing active minerals to help hydrate, strengthen, promote hair growth, balance esbum production and sooth irritation. Aloe Vera’s lightweight yet powerful hydrating properties leave the hair feeling soft, manageable, and shiny.


Known as a humectant, this ingredient delivers deep hydration by drawing moisture into the hair from atmosphere as well as from the other moisture rich ingredients it is teamed with such as Aloe Vera.


A gentle, mid-micron protein that will strengthen the hair, increase volume and improve shine. This gentle form of protein will never cause build up, breakage or brittleness.


Also known an panthenol, Vitamin B5 strengthens the hair against breakage and provides nourishment for the hair and scalp, improving the hairs overall shine, softness and strength. B5 has an excellent ability to bond the hair, adding to its structure and protecting it against artificial or environmental damage.


Helps to provide nourishment and support a healthy scalp and assist with maintaining hair growth. Vitamin E’s powerful, natural antioxidant properties help to combat oxidative stress and free radical damage on the scalp which can lead to breakdown of the hair follicle cells.


Rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Nettle can help protect hair and scalp from damage and stimulate new hair growth. Nettle leaves are also rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, and zinc, all beneficial minerals for optimum hair follicle health.


Soothes, calms inflammation and detoxifies hair and skin, which is excellent for the hair follicle and regrowth. Chamomile can help to relieve conditions such as itchy scalp, dermatitis, psoriasis and sensitivity.


An eco-friendly, renewable recourse where sugar cane is crushed, fermented, purified and converted into energy to fuel our aerosol. No harsh alcohols used to fuel this aersosol! Eco Style Project is the first company to use Certified Organic Biomass to bring our customers the cleanest hairspray on the market.


The main ingredient in our Putty. Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay which has been found to strengthen the hair, improve elasticity and help repair damaged strands. Kaolin can also assist in soothing the scalp, treating dandruff and can encourage hair growth. It also helps to absorb excess sebum, leaving the hair with a clean, matt finish.

What Customers Are Saying

Felicity Connors
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I love the clever curl products and have had so many comments on my hair since using it. I find it only has a faint fragrance which is great for me.
Angela Hunt
Read More
I love the cleanser and rich conditioner. My hair has never been better. My hairdresser is also impressed and is thinking of trying to get it in her salon.
Jane Justins
Read More
Love the curl cream and gel I get so many compliments about my hair since I started using these products. 😍

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Summer is officially here, and so is the struggle to find that perfect Christmas Gift for your loved ones!

Our Fresh Mint Gift Pack is a swimmer / surfers’ DREAM 🌊 This bundle helps deeply cleanse and clarify the hair of any salt, sand, chlorine and more with the benefits of the Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oils.
They will love the tingly, fresh sensation and scent of this bundle and be left with genuinely clean and nourished hair.

If your a water lover, send this to your friends and family as a little hint 😉

Available at your local EverEscents Salon ✨

Also available online.

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What makes our Organic Rose range so special?

Part of it is the incredible Rosemary and Geranium Essential Oils ✨
Rosemary Essential Oil is known to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, therefore great for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. This Essential Oil also promotes shine and reduces dandruff!
Also supporting the health of your scalp is Geranium Essential Oil. Geranium Essential Oil can regulate the production of sebum, helping to neutralise the effects of oiliness or too much dryness on the scalp.

The Organic Rose Range is available in a beautiful Gift Pack, bundled with the nourishing Deep Treatment. You save $24.90 by purchasing the pack, which comes with a FREE limited edition travel bag.

Shop via your local EverEscents Salon 🏵️

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The secret to beautiful, healthy hair? Salon quality, organic hair care 🌿

Our Customer Experience Specialist, Kristy, uses only 3 products to help deeply cleanse and nourish these gorgeous locks! The newly reformulated Leave In Moisture plays a huge role in providing long lasting hydration and strength from ingredients such as Organic Argan Oil, Marshmallow Root Extract and Hydrolised Rice Protein.

This combo is perfect for anyone of any texture with dry hair who is looking for a simple and effective routine!

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We can always count on Chris of @c.w_hair to create incredible texture, definition and healthy hair 👏💚

Chris used the Organic Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner on both of his lovely clients to deeply nourish and rehydrate their hair. The Organic Sculpting Lotion was used on Gabriela’s curls to provide body and definition, and the Organic Universal Styling Cream was used to style Julia’s hair to create a shiny, sleek style.

You can find Chris in Clifton Hill, Victoria for all of your EverEscents needs 🌿

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We are sure almost all hairdressers have experienced this situation 😆
But to our wonderful clients... Don’t stress! There’s a reason why regular trims will actually help your hair growth goals.

Trimming your hair frequently reduces breakage and removes split ends, giving the hair a healthy look 💚 Pair your regular trims with our Organic Rose Range to help stimulate the scalp and reduce hair loss!

Credit to @hairby_angelajoy ⭐

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The ultimate nourishing Gift Pack for you or a loved one this festive season 🌿

Our Moisture Gift Pack comes with our popular Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Treatment, creating the perfect bundle for dry, thick and thirsty hair! This Gift Pack is also perfect for your curly friend as the nourishing ingredients keep curls hydrated and healthy.

This Gift Pack comes in a beautifully designed gift bag made out of 100% recycled plastic!
You save $25.90 by purchasing this pack 👏

Find your nearest EverEscents Salon via the link in our bio to shop!

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There’s nothing better than a nice hot shower at the end of the day, however, lowering the shower temp is very beneficial for our hair (and our skin).

Regularly using hot water on our hair can strip our scalp of natural oils, cause brittleness and lead to increased breakage and even hair loss over time 🚿

Cooler water closes and strengthens the hair cuticle, doesn’t dry out the sebum layer and may result in stronger, healthier hair.

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Take the guess work out of Christmas gifting, we’ve got you covered 💚

Our Limited Edition 2023 Gift Packs provide your loved ones with the chance to see the incredible results of using organic hair care. We have 8 gift packs to choose from so you can personalise your gift to what their hair really needs!

Head to your local EverEscents Salon, or send us a DM to chat about which gift packs best suit you 🌿

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A perfect routine for those who want an organic, light weight, voluminous routine!

🌿Bergamot Shampoo - This shampoo is the lightest of our range, and is fantastic for oily roots. With the amazing benefits of Organic Bergamot Essential Oil to balance natural oils and reduce the need to shampoo every day.

🌿 Lavender Conditioner - A beautiful conditioner perfect for nourishing your hair without weighing it down. Enjoy the beautiful aroma`s of Organic Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils while you hydrate your hair.

🌿 Universal Styling Cream - Apply in wet hair from mid length to ends for a silky smooth blow dry primer 😍 The key benefit of the Hibiscus flower is improvement in lustre which is obtained by repairing damaged polysaccharides on the keratin chain.

🌿Volumising Mist - Our newest styling product, designed to add lightweight root lift to fine hair types! You can spray this through your roots in wet hair before drying and add a few extra sprays as your hair dries to see that volume come to life.

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For the final chapter in the Life Cycle of an Ethical Brand Co bottle, we arrive at Waste Free Systems ♻️

Waste Free Systems is changing the way the hair and beauty industry dispose of waste with their simple, smart bin system 🌿With a 40 year history in the hairdressing industry, Bernie and Leanna Craven knew they needed to develop a process that keeps industry ‘waste’ out of landfill, breathing life back into what would be single use items.

In this video, David from Waste Free Systems shows us a glimpse into the recycling and repurposing process, genuinely no scrap is left behind! We are so proud to be showcasing such a revolutionary system and company whose sole mission is to create a more eco friendly industry, and planet.

For any salons interested in working with Waste Free Systems on their mission, head to @wastefreesystems to enquire 💚

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Give the gift of repairing, restoring and revitalising with our Organic Remedy Gift Pack 🌿

This pack is perfect for anyone who has been struggling with hair breakage or brittleness and deserves a luxurious trio of organic products to help bring their hair back to its former glory.

The Remedy Range uses a mid-micron rice protein which is larger in size than traditional protein hair care products. This means your hair will only take on the protein it needs, and once the hair shaft is back to a healthy state the rest of the protein will just wash away!

Paired with our super popular Deep Treatment to create an intensely nourishing and repairing hair care routine.

By shopping our limited edition gift packs, you save up to $28.90 AND it comes with a free travel bag made from 100% recycled plastic!

Available at your local EverEscents Salon 💚

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Welcome to Eco Organic Hair & Body!

The life-cycle of an Ethical Brand Co product continues here, where we see the wonderful @wastefreesalons in action at Eco Organics on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Eco Organics is owned by the talented Belinda who has sustainability, organic products and supporting local business at the forefront of her mission ♻️

Belinda has been on board with Ethical Brand Co for over 8 years, offering our products at the basin, for retail and she also has a Refill Station so you never need to repurchase another bottle!

Continue watching to learn more about this beautiful sanctuary, equipped with all of your EverEscents and @clever_curl needs, served by an incredible team! Belinda also talks us through why @wastefreesystems has been such a revolutionary system to help reduce landfill and repurpose hairdressing materials for a greener future.

We can’t wait to take you to the last part of this series, taking a peek into what Waste Free Systems is all about ♻️

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The Life Cycle of an Ethical Brand Co bottle: Part 1 ♻️

This year, we collaborated with Waste Free Systems and the team at Eco Organics to celebrate National Recycling Week. Although the week may be nearly over, the fight for a more sustainable hair care industry never stops!

The beginning of an EverEscents bottle life is really the end of a milk bottle’s 😉 Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, something our team have worked on for a long time, and we are so product to finally be making this transition. Our bottles are also specifically designed to be refilled. Our Refill Initiative offers salons the opportunity to create a more eco-friendly hair care experience, where clients can return their empty bottles for a refill, usually at a discounted price.

Our bottles also travel with sustainability in mind 🚚 We have partnered with Carbon Neutral Australia to plant one tree every business day of the year, as well as planting a new native tree for every new salon that comes on board with us! We also pledged to offset our carbon emissions from our customer orders shipped directly from our Sunshine Coast Warehouse.

We can’t wait to show you the next 2 parts of our life cycle!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Absolutely love this product! It is nourishing for my hair and gentle on my sensitive skin. I get many compliments on the condition of my hair – and it’s thanks to this. Perfect for those that need deep moisture without being weighed down. Feels so luxurious on my high density, wavy, high porosity hair. Also great on my daughter`s fine coils. Miracle worker."

Thank you to our wonderful customer Andy for providing us with this lovely feedback on our Fragrance Free Treatment!

Find our Organic Fragrance Free Treatment at a salon near you 🌿

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We LOVE seeing salons create magic 🪄
The talented Gemma created this fresh look with the help of the Organic Moisture Range and Volumising Mist!
The Moisture Range is perfect to provide intense hydration to your clients hair to make sure it is looking and feeling as healthy as possible 🌿 The Volumising Mist is amazing when creating voluminous, textured styles like this. With Certified Organic Biomass derived from non-GMO Sugarcane, it helps to create root lift and volume without the use of unnecessary chemicals.

You will find @salon.sojourn in Cranebrook, New South Wales for all of your EverEscents needs 💚

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This week is National Recycling Week, and we have teamed up with Waste Free Systems and the wonderful Eco Organics Salon, to show you the entire life span of an EverEscents bottle ♻️

At EverEscents our bottles are made to last, with the help of our Refill Initiative, we have removed the need to purchase single-use hair care products. We passionately encourage Salons to take part in our Refill Initiative to create a more eco-friendly industry that we know customers are desperate to support!

Eco Organics is the perfect example of a sustainable salon that sees the importance of changing the way we consume. Belinda came on board with Ethical Brand Co almost 8 years ago, being drawn to our sustainable choices and our organic formulas. But Eco Organics doesn’t stop there... It’s also about how you dispose of and recycle the products that you use in the Salon!

Eco Organics and many other Salons across Australia are partnered with Waste Free Systems, a revolutionary recycling and repurposing system that saves up to 90% of hairdressing landfill ♻️

We can’t wait for you to learn more about the life-cycle of an Ethical Brand Co product, and learn more about Eco Organics and Waste Free Systems sustainable approach.

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