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Clever Curl

Clever Curl was created by a group of Australian curl specialists inspired by the Curly Girl Method.
Brought to you by the team from leading organic hair care brand EverEscents, the Clever Curl range is a highly specialised line of hair products carefully formulated to enhance and embrace naturally curly hair to hold the personality and individuality of curls.

Clever Curl - your curl’s best friend!

After two years of formula creating, talking with curl specialists and prototype testing in curl specialist salons, this exciting yet simple range of 8 curly girl products was born! Clever Curl products provide exceptional quality, clever ingredients and are completely dedicated to the care of all curl types in any environment. All products are formulated with minimal ingredients and are sulfate and silicone free to ensure that nothing gets in the way of beautiful, natural curls.

Delivering moisture and the ability to hold a healthy hydrated curl are paramount functions across the range with the added benefits of Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Rice Water Protein providing the perfect balance of nourishment and strength.

And, while your curls reap the amazing benefits that Clever Curl products have to offer, you can feel good knowing that your products are 100% Australian made and owned, cruelty free, vegan and made with a reduced carbon footprint.

Star Ingredients


A rich, natural moisturiser containing active minerals to help hydrate, strengthen, promote hair growth, balance esbum production and sooth irritation. Aloe Vera’s lightweight yet powerful hydrating properties leave the hair feeling soft, manageable, and shiny.


Known as a humectant, this ingredient delivers deep hydration by drawing moisture into the hair from atmosphere as well as from the other moisture rich ingredients it is teamed with such as Aloe Vera.


These two star ingredients work together to create an anti-humectant barrier, sealing in moisture and protecting the hair cuticle from humidity.


A gentle, mid-micron protein that will strengthen the hair, increase volume and improve shine. This gentle form of protein will never cause build up, breakage or brittleness.


Also known an panthenol, Vitamin B5 strengthens the hair against breakage and provides nourishment for the hair and scalp, improving the hairs overall shine, softness and strength. B5 has an excellent ability to bond the hair, adding to its structure and protecting it against artificial or environmental damage.


Helps to provide nourishment and support a healthy scalp and assist with maintaining hair growth. Vitamin E’s powerful, natural antioxidant properties help to combat oxidative stress and free radical damage on the scalp which can lead to breakdown of the hair follicle cells.

What Customers Are Saying

Felicity Connors
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I love the clever curl products and have had so many comments on my hair since using it. I find it only has a faint fragrance which is great for me.
Angela Hunt
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I love the cleanser and rich conditioner. My hair has never been better. My hairdresser is also impressed and is thinking of trying to get it in her salon.
Jane Justins
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Love the curl cream and gel I get so many compliments about my hair since I started using these products. 😍

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We’ve got products for every curl 🫡💜

Need advice? Drop a “💜” below and we will help you find the perfect routine just for you 🥰

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Cleansing your hair is one of the most important steps in anyone’s routine, but especially a curly’s routine. Curl routines tend to consist of multiple products that can be left on the hair and scalp for days at a time. Our biggest tip is to ALWAYS CLEANSE TWICE 💆‍♀️

The first cleanse will assist with removing any dirt, oil, and build up while the second cleanse will effectively clean the hair and scalp, leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated 💜

If you are finding you’re still experiencing build up and need a bit of scalp reset, we recommend checking out the Organic Fresh Mint Shampoo from our sister brand EverEscents. This product is a deep cleansing, low-poo shampoo that clarifies the hair and scalp of stubborn product build up in all hair types. The Certified Organic Peppermint & Spearmint oils provide a deep cleanse whilst stimulating circulation to promote hair growth. The Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice moisturises and soothes the hair & scalp while the Certified Organic Menthol cools, refreshes & tingles the scalp.

Learn more @everescents_organic_haircare

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Clever Curl supports Butterfly Foundation by donating 10c from every product sold. We love Butterfly’s vision to live in a world that celebrates health, well-being and diversity’. Butterfly Foundation offers a multitude of services and programs that provide support, treatment, prevention, early intervention, education and training to help those affected by eating disorders and negative body image 🦋💜

Learn more about the butterfly foundation @thebutterflyfoundation

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The talented Hope has amazed us once again with her incredible Curl Specialist skills @hairby.hope 💜

Hope is an incredible Curl Specialist who has completed extensive curly training to ensure she can say yes to all curl types in the salon. Take your curls from dry and unruly to shiny and defined with Hope in Rowville, VIC 📍

Looking for a Curl Specialist? All we need is your suburb and we will find one near you! ➿

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Our 100 & 130ml Compact size products are the perfect Christmas gift for the curly in your life! ➿

They’re the perfect amount of product to test and trial before committing to a larger bottle AND you can reuse them in the future ♻️ If you’re going travelling anywhere, simply refill them at your nearest salon stockist or refill them with products from home 💜

Find your nearest refill station by visiting the Salon Stockist locator in our bio ⭐

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This is your reminder that all Clever Curl products are refillable 🔊

Through our refill initiative you only need to purchase 1 bottle, then you can refill for a lifetime! Become a part of this movement by heading to our Salon Stockist Locator in our bio. Simply pop in your suburb and join the refill family! 💜

Local to Coolum Beach, Qld? We offer refills on all products at our shopfront. Visit us between Monday and Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm ♻️

Lets unite and reduce our carbon footprint together!

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Need a versatile product? Curl Cream is for you! Curl Cream provides long lasting, maximum moisture for all curl types! 💜

Wavy hair? Add a couple of pumps of Curl Cream to a spray bottle with water, wet your hair down and use your preferred curly techniques for styling. After this step is the perfect time to apply your gel! On refresh days you can simple spray your hair down with water to reactivate the Curl Cream and Gel of your choice ⭐

Thick course curls? Apply directly to wet hair for maximum nourishment! On your refresh days you can put a few of pumps of Curl Cream in a spray bottle with water, wet your hair down and use your preferred curly techniques for styling.

Hot tip! Curl Cream is also amazing for detangling your curly kiddies hair ➿

Find it at your nearest Clever Curl Salon Stockist by clicking the link in our bio.

Also available online.

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The incredible team at Marcia Gibsons alone have saved 1866 Clever Curl and EverEscents bottles from landfill. With over 300 Clever Curl and EverEscents Refill Salons combined across Australia and New Zealand, it is safe to say our stockists are creating a HUGE impact on reducing plastic waste 🙌♻️ @marciagibsons @everescents_organic_haircare

If you are ready to reduce your carbon footprint and give your Clever Curl bottles a breath of new life, head to our Salon Stockist Locator to find your nearest refill station 💜

If you’re a salon that is ready to take the leap and start offering refills in your salon, send us a message! ⭐

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Wavy, curly, coily, afro and more, Clever Curl for EVERYONE 💜

Clever Curl Educator Dave chatted with one of our incredible Masterclass models about her experience with finding the right products for her hair texture. At first, Lease was skeptical but soon found out that even though she has tight, afro texture it is still possible to create definition 🙌

We are so proud to be able to offer products and education to hairdressers all over Australia. We want hairdressers to be able to offer services to ALL hair textures and be able to create a safe, diverse, and welcoming space within their salon 🥰

If you would to learn more about our Salon Education Services, please call us on 1300 856 744, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

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The queen of balayage, shape and volume has returned with yet another incredible transformation 😍 @paris_mcelroy

Paris combines her balayage and curl knowledge together to ensure her clients walk away with popping curls, without the damage. With the help of Clever Curl products, Paris’ clients get happy, hydrated curls every time 👏💜

Find Paris at her studio located in Doolandella, QLD 📍

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Here at Clever Curl we love all textures! Wavy, curly, coily, afro and everything in-between. With 2024 fast approaching, we want to ensure that ALL hair textures are seen, heard, and represented amongst the Clever Curl Community💜

If you feel your specific texture has not yet had it’s moment, we want to hear from you! Whether you’re looking for advice, a curl specialist, or want to be a model at one of our Clever Curl Masterclasses, we want to represent you and make you and your curls feel heard!

In 2024 we will represent the underrepresented 🙌

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The styling pair of our dreams! Our Rich Styling Duo ⭐

Hydrate and define thick, dry locks with our Curl Cream and Dry Weather Gel. The perfect mixture of moisture and hold to keep your curls happy all day long 🥰

Hot tip! Add 1-2 pumps of Curl Cream into a spray bottle with water and spray your curls on refresh days. This is the perfect hack for the curlies who don’t have time to do their full routine every day of the week 💜

This pack is available in our Original Scent and Fragrance Free for anyone who suffers from sensitivities. Save $24.95 by purchasing this duo from your nearest Salon Stockist by clicking the link in our bio ➿

Also available online.

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We are so honoured to share our beautiful conversation with Pepa at Curl Native during our recent visit to Aotearoa New Zealand @pepathecurlnative 💜

Thank you Pepa for sharing the powerful meaning behind Whakapapa and how it connects with textured hair.

It is with passionate Curl Specialists like Pepa that we can continue to honour ALL hair types and the rich history and stories they hold.

You can find the Curl Native in Lower Hutt, Aotearoa New Zealand for all your Clever Curl needs ➿

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Here at Clever Curl we are so proud to have the well-known green and gold logo on all of our products and are so grateful for each and every one of you for choosing to support Australian Made and Owned 💜

By choosing to support Australian Made and Owned you are contributing to the demand of local goods, creating more job opportunities for Australians and reducing your carbon footprint, all while receiving high quality hair care products 🥰

Thank you to all of our amazing stockists who choose to support Australian Made and Owned 💜

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You would hate to put so much time, effort and product into styling your curls only to accidently ruin them while diffusing! We`ve listed out the Do`s and Don`ts on diffusing so you can make your curl routine worthwhile 💜

❌ have your diffuser on the hottest setting
❌ touch your curls while diffusing
❌ start lifting the hair into the diffuser instantly

✅ have your diffuser on low-medium heat and air flow
✅ hover first to create a cast
✅ lift the hair into the diffuser when 20-30% dry
✅ gently flip your hair different ways and upside down for volume

Save this post for next time you diffuse your curls ➿

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Anneliese worked her curl magic and transformed her client’s curls with a colour refresh and style using Clever Curl 🙌💜 @anneliese_sghair

Wonderfoam, Curl Cream and Humid Weather Gel create the perfect cocktail for maximum hydration and definition➿

You can find Anneliese at SG Hairdressing in Penshurst, Sydney @sghairdressing

Looking for a Clever Curl Salon Stockist near you? Head to the link in our bio to learn more ⭐

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Clever Curl for everyone 🙌💜

Clever Curl Fragrance Free is here to make life easier when caring your your curly kiddies hair! Our Fragrance free range is allergy free certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia so you can be sure that you aren’t putting any harsh chemicals on your child’s skin, hair, and scalp when you choose Clever Curl.

For curls like Vay, we recommend our Fragrance Free Wonderfoam. It is your one step styling routine for lightweight moisture and hold. Simply wet the hair down, emulsify the product in your hands and apply to the hair. Distribute the product and detangle the hair gently with a brush. Scrunch the hair upwards to accentuate the curls and voila! Your 5 minute, kid friendly curl routine 🥰

For tighter curls, place 1-2 pumps of Fragrance Free Curl Cream in a spray bottle with water and follow the above steps! This is also great for the days in between washes.

We are so glad we can offer a range of products that are suited for all ages. It is super important to us to encourage our young ones to learn to love their natural texture and wear their curls with pride ⭐

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