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Noosa Naturals

Born from the pristine surrounds of Noosa, proudly offering skin loving products that work in synergy with the body. An authentic brand focused on bringing natural beauty to life with simple formulations that are always ethical, natural and earth-friendly to suit the contemporary Australian lifestyle.

Loved by Skin

Noosa Naturals is the newest offering from the dedicated team at Ethical Brand Co, creators of leading hair care brands EverEscents, Clever Curl and Eco Style Project.

The team at Ethical Brand Co have long nurtured a passion and dream to create a carefully tailored skin care range that compliments and encompasses the core values of our company ethos, delivering the highest quality formulations whilst respecting our health, and that of the environment.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the surrounds of our headquarters on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, we are proud to deliver the first offering under the Noosa Naturals brand featuring a range of high performance, natural, organic, zinc-based sunscreens designed to suit every skin type and the contemporary Australian lifestyle.

Each product is manufactured in small batches locally in Queensland and are formulated with minimal, skin-loving ingredients that are safe, effective and trustworthy.

All Noosa Naturals products are Certified Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Certified Organic and Reef Safe. Our range of sunscreens offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection against the harsh Australian sun and are certified to highest of TGA standards.

What Customers Are Saying

Felicity Connors
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I love the clever curl products and have had so many comments on my hair since using it. I find it only has a faint fragrance which is great for me.
Angela Hunt
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I love the cleanser and rich conditioner. My hair has never been better. My hairdresser is also impressed and is thinking of trying to get it in her salon.
Jane Justins
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Love the curl cream and gel I get so many compliments about my hair since I started using these products. 😍

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Noosa Naturals is proud to be partners with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation 🧡
The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is a not-for-profit charity which respects the unique place of Australia’s First People and draws on the expertise of the Australian book industry.

Literacy provides a fundamental step of building context, comprehension and understanding, whether it is written, visual or auditory. For kids who miss that foundational step in their literacy journey, it has a lifelong impact.

We support ILF’s purpose to invest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote communities to provide the tools and resources they request to shape the direction of their children’s literacy future. To find out more about Indigenous Literacy Foundation head to @indigenousliteracyfoundation ☀️

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We LOVE Hinokitiol ☀️
Here at Noosa Naturals, we aren`t only about sun protection because if you can pack even more skin benefits into one... Why not?!

Choosing a sunscreen you love will help you remember to incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine 🧡 Shop Noosa Naturals now!

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We can’t help it, we love to multitask 🧡
When you use Noosa Naturals you’re not only protected from the harsh UV rays, you’re making the decision to have the best skin of your life!

Shop now with free Australian-wide shipping 🛒

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Because even though healthy skin is a long game, there are some things we can do today that will have our skin thanking us 🧡
If you can’t do the first point (which is the most important) tap the link in our bio to change that!

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Our promise to you is simple...
Provide you with a sunscreen formulation that is minimal, skin loving and trustworthy. Our sunscreens were carefully crafted to offer you SPF50 broad spectrum protection that doesn’t cost the earth or your health 🧡 We are proudly cruelty free, vegan friendly, Australian made and owned and reef safe.

Shop now and join the #NoosaNaturalsFamily 🫶

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Have you recently started using sunscreen daily and noticed an increase in clogged pores and breakouts? Surprisingly, the culprit might not be your sunscreen, but rather your cleansing routine!

Simply cleansing once after a day of wearing makeup or sunscreen can leave residue that clogs pores and upsets skin 😶 To ensure a clean slate for your nighttime skincare, it’s crucial to double cleanse daily 🍓

Some great cleanser options that are vegan and cruelty-free, Aussie made and owned and Noosa Naturals loved are @botaniskincare @dindinaturals @sayaskincare

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July is here, and so is #PlasticFreeJuly! 🌍🤍
At Noosa Naturals we`re passionate about making eco-conscious choices every day. Join us this month as we embrace the challenge to reduce plastic waste.
Small changes can make a big impact on our planet`s health. Together, let`s inspire and empower each other to choose sustainable alternatives and create a cleaner future.

Drop your best zero-waste tips below!🌱♻️ #ReducePlasticWaste

The plastic free drawings were designed by our in-house Graphic Artist Damon. Find him on Facebook at Damon The Artist.

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Protect your skin guilt-free with our vegan-friendly, cruelty-free sunscreen 🧡
We believe in beauty that`s kind to animals and the planet. Our formulas ensure effective sun protection without any harm, just like it should be 🐰

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Do you have what it takes to win Sun Saftey Bingo 👀
Comment below with how many you can cross off (no cheating 🫣)

Thanks to our friends at @twoobs for the inspo!

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Unless your windows are UV protected (they’re not 😅) you need to be wearing sunscreen indoors!
UVA rays contribute to premature aging, fine lines, and skin damage over time so it is important to stay protected where ever you are 🧡

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The only thing missing in this picture is YOU 🧡

Learn all about us and the reasons we are so passionate about sunscreen by checking out our profile and visiting the link in our bio! We can’t wait for you to join the #NoosaNaturalsClub

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Just taking any opportunity to show off my top tier products 😅🧡 ...

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Sun care and skin care in one with Noosa Naturals ☀️
Enjoy instant broad spectrum protection while benefiting from the powerful vitamin C concentration of Kakadu Plum for long-term skin health. Chamomile extract diminishes fine lines and scars, while Seabuckthorn Oil deeply hydrates and brightens your complexion.

Embrace the winter sun with skin that`s nourished, protected, and radiant! 🧡

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We see you skipping your sunscreen 👀 Reminder that even though SOME things definitely change in Winter, your sunscreen habits should not 👏 ...

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Who will be your sunscreen hero? ☀️

Both of our beautiful sunscreens have so many benefits and work incredible for all skin, but one may be calling you 😍

Comment below your fav!

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If this is your mantra, Noosa Naturals will definitely be your new best friend 🧡
Completely natural, organic and skin loving ingredients because you deserve the best.

Quote inspo from Pinterest ☀️

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