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Soak Society

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The team here at Ethical Brand Co are so excited to team up with our fellow Sunshine Coast friends, Soak Society and we are proud to be an official stockist! The Soak Society brand embodies an ethical Australian business providing amazing natural products that make you feel great.

The Soak Society Story

Soak Society was born in 2014 in a small apartment in New Farm, Brisbane. Founder, Natalie Thorogood, wanted to share her love of soaking with the world and begin to make baths cool again. Out with brightly coloured bath salt crystals and bombs, and in with beautiful wellness soaks made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

Now based on the Sunshine Coast, Soak Society is still all about natural beauty and wellness (because putting chemicals on your body is the WORST), but Soak Society is also wanting to be the catalyst for modern ‘me-time’.

Uninterrupted down-time to reflect, unwind and relax is SO important for everyone. Soaking is about reconnecting with yourself, and this is often when those ‘lightbulb’ moments appear.

It’s time to reclaim that bathroom, fill the tub, lock the door, grab your favourite read, light a candle and soak. We love to soak, and you will too.

Soak Society is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free – an independent Australian non-profit organisation campaigning for a ban on animal-tested cosmetics.

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