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Our involvement with First Nations communities – We created a Reconciliation Action Plan!

First Nations Partnerships

What is a Reconciliation Action Plan and why do we have one?

A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) allows a business to sustainably and strategically take meaningful action to advance reconciliation. The RAP network is a diverse group of organisations that directly impact over 3 million Australians at work every day. There are four types of Reconciliation Action Plans to allow a business to continuously develop their reconciliation commitments: Reflect, Innovate, Stretch & Elevate.

Ethical Brand Co has initiated our reconciliation journey as we feel for Australia to move forward together as one nation, each person needs to make commitments for reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Australians. We feel that as an Australian owned company, we can support the reconciliation movement by using our platforms to help share awareness, acknowledgement, support, and education. We believe that by creating a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) we will continue to foster inclusive relationships and environments within our community.


Ethical Brand Co has selected to implement a Reflect RAP within our company as it supports our vison for the initial steps of our Reconciliation Journey. The owners of Ethical Brand Co, Julia and Luke Charters, are committed to the delivery of our Reflect RAP allowing our team to invest in developing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and to help produce future RAPs that are meaningful, mutually beneficial and sustainable.

Team members Annie and Hayley worked together to produce and implement Ethical Brand Co’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan. This has been a very exciting journey and has opened up many opportunities to foster relationships within our First Nations Communities

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our involvement with First Nations Communities

Ethical Brand Co has incorporated an Acknowledgement of Country that is shared each time we gather as a team. The Acknowledgement of Country is shared by a different team member each time we join together.

Ethical Brand Co staff are encouraged by our RAP working group to expand their knowledge, understanding and relationships with First Nations culture and communities. We celebrate special dates in the calendar such as National Reconciliation Week, Harmony Day & NAIDOC week just to name a few. Sharing stories and information regarding these days to our team & hearing their thoughts is an integral part of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan and sparks conversations that are not usually had within workplaces.

Acknowledgement of Country

Our team members are very passionate about reconciliation and their own choices to move forward in conjunction with our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan outside of work. Many team members attended NAIDOC Week celebrations with their families, enjoying guided walks on country and story sharing.

We have been thankful to connect with Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi) Elders both through our business and in activities outside of work. The relationships we foster create new pathways of respect and understanding.

Since Ethical Brand Co’s Reflect RAP was published on the Reconciliation Australia website, many First Nations businesses have been in contact to introduce themselves and their business, looking for ways to support each other and the movement towards reconciliation.

Our company is also currently working on connecting with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses via Supply Nation directory and our staff member’s personal contacts within our community.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

To read more about Ethical Brand Co’s team commitments and actions to advance reconciliation within our business click here!

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan is published on the Reconciliation Australia website. Simply follow this link, and search ‘Ethical Brand Co’.

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