All of us here at Ethical Brand Co have been using The Chemical Maze handbook since its inception in 2006. We each have a copy and always keep it handy not just in our professional lives developing safe and natural products but also at home and in the supermarket. It is a fabulous little pocket guide packed with invaluable information on ingredients found in food and cosmetics. It is simply a must-have for everyone’s handbag!

The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion by Bill Statham is designed as a home reference guide to the chemicals in processed foods such as food additives and also the ingredients found in personal care and cosmetic products.

The book includes a bonus section on household products from air fresheners to window cleaners, highlighting the toxic chemicals used in commercial brands while giving safer alternatives that are easy to make and use. The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion also contains chapters such as ‘The Greener Cleaner’, ‘Your Guide to Label Reading’ and ‘The Importance of a Chemical-Free World in Pregnancy and Infancy’. There is loads of useful advice to help the health-conscious consumer navigate the maze of toxic chemicals that surround us every moment of every day.

We highly recommend having your own copy of this book and maybe give one as a gift to a family member.

The Chemical Maze