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Silent Appointments – A Sensory Step-back


What is a Silent Appointment and why are many Hair Salons now offering them?

Silent Appointments in salons offer the same service as a regular appointment without the hustle and bustle of noise. These Silent Appointments are generally offered on specific days and between certain times.

Music is lowered, chatting ceases and everyone enjoys the sound of silence.  The only conversation required is in the initial consultation to ensure the stylist understands exactly what the client wants.

With growing understanding of diversity and inclusiveness, many salons are now starting to offer Silent Appointments and catering to the needs of all clients. After the many lockdowns and periods of isolation worldwide, the number of people suffering from forms of social anxiety has increased, meaning more are less likely to put themselves in a situation that can be uncomfortable.

By Salons offering Silent Appointments, opportunity is opened to an expanded clientele and a sense of welcoming is extended within the wider community.


It’s not just clients that benefit from Silent Appointments.

If you are not a Hairdresser, you may not understand the number of hours that this particular job role requires you to be ‘on’ for. Think about this: you’ve had an extremely busy week and as soon as you step into the salon for your appointment you relax, you’re offered a cup of tea and you start describing all of lifes’ ins and outs to your stylist. Your hairdresser genuinely cares, so they listen, offer advice if needed and make you feel comforted. All while pampering you and your hair.

The routine repeats with every client.

Sometimes Hairdressers may feel social burnout from talking with clients all day, especially if they are also working through their own life drama. Silent Appointments could also provide a breather for Hairdressers to recharge.

It may be said that Silent Appointments could prevent salons and staff from building connection with clients however, though a silent connection is built in a different way. Clients looking for a quieter setting will appreciate that services are being offered in this way, building relationships from appreciation and re-booking visits.


A stress-free environment benefits clients and stylists alike.

Whatever the reason for booking a Silent Appointment, there can be many benefits for both the client and the Hairdresser. The need and demand for calmer experiences has become essential and choice is more important than ever before.

With salons offering silent appointments, you now have the time to think about what kind of experience you are looking for while at the salon and how this may help you to enjoy your time spent there.

If this type of appointment is something you’re interested in, be sure to reach out to your stylist and enquire.

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