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Why Organic Hair Care Products Are Better For You, And The Environment

Have you ever wondered how the haircare products you use can have an impact on the environment?

Everything from the packaging, the manufacturing processes and the waste created can cause environmental damage. By using Organic hair products you’re not only helping your own heath, you’re also helping the environment in a huge way.

Most mainstream hair products are loaded with toxic chemicals, which have a major impact on the earth. The harsh ingredients in non-organic and unnatural hair products can remove the scalp’s protective layers over time. This directly affects the health of your scalp, where healthy hair starts.

Additionally, quality organic hair products such as EverEscents Organic Hair Care can reverse the damage and strengthen the hair. Organic hair products can replenish the hair’s moisture, repair the bonds broken by chemicals and processing, and eliminate damage-causing free radicals. The end result? They can reverse the harm that’s been done to your scalp, giving you healthier hair.

The benefits however can go beyond your head, here are some reasons why organic haircare products are better for the environment:

Animal Testing Is Not Required

An increasing number of companies are offering organic alternatives, because each synthetic ingredient used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products can potentially cause serious, harmful effects for people and the environment. The synthetic ingredients used in some mainstream haircare products put a huge burden on the environment, especially because many animals are harmed during the testing phase of these products. Natural, organic products don’t require any such testing.

Harsh Chemicals Are Not Released Into The Environment

There are several reasons why more and more people are moving towards organic environmentally friendly haircare products. The main factor, which influences this decision, is the ingredients that are being used to produce these products. EverEscents organic haircare products don’t include any toxic or harmful chemicals in our range, which saves the concern about these nasty chemicals being released into the environment. Some of the common chemicals that are found in mainstream haircare products include parabens and phenols; they not only pose a danger to your health but also affect the wildlife and marine life when released into the environment.

With the increase of single-use plastic polluting our waterways, it is now more important than ever that we do what we can to reduce waste and look after our environment. That is why we here at EverEscents Organic Hair Care have custom designed our bottles to enable you to refill and re-use your bottles rather than disposing and purchasing a whole new product. This “Replenish initiative” is solely designed to reduce waste and lessen our impact on the environment by reducing landfill, manufacturing and transportation.

Using EverEscents organic hair care products, it is a great way to ensure the health of your hair and scalp. When you are informed about the many benefits available and start using these products you will never go back to using haircare products with harsh chemicals.


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