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International Women’s Day 2023

international womens day 2023

What does it mean to Embrace Equity? Equity by definition is something that is fair and just. The removal of barriers to equal opportunity when pursuing a goal, or achievement at work. Equity is support, based on the unique needs of an individual. Equity is not something that is ‘just nice to have’, it is a must have.

In 2023, the International Women’s Day theme is #EmbraceEquity, driving a worldwide understanding as to why equal opportunities alone aren’t enough. By embracing equity, we are creating an inclusive world. We can all challenge gender stereotypes and seek out inclusion.

At Ethical Brand Co we wanted to share the passion and excitement for this movement, so we sat down with our leading ladies to discuss some important topics about supporting women in business.

What is one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

“Don’t worry about what other people think, as a young adult this is something we worry too much about” says our business owner Julia. We can absolutely agree that sometimes young people can feel overwhelmed by the thoughts of those around us instead of listening to ourselves. 

“You’re stronger than you think” shares Alexis our Marketing Manager.

“The advice I’d like to give my younger self if I could is to always have confidence in your ability, other people see your greatness so you should too. And to always have confidence in your leadership skills”. Well said by our Operations Manager Annie.

Nathalie, Curl Specialist Educator and Customer Experience Manager shares that she would love to tell her younger self “Don’t ever doubt yourself, stand by your beliefs and your values, and to always practise self-love”.

How can we inspire other women to back themselves in a career or business?

“We need to continue talking and supporting each other. I feel like women shouldn’t feel limited to their capability, we need to see people in business as people and celebrate what they are capable of” answered Nathalie.

“I think we’re really lucky in this day and age having social media and being able to go to networking events. There are so many ways that we can connect with other women to inspire them and there’s so many avenues that we can do just that” shares Julia.

“I think that we can inspire each other by sharing our true reality, no one has it together even if they seem like they do. We wear a lot of hats in our lives as women; mothers, daughters, friends all of it and it is a lot. We definitely can have it all with hard work and dedication” imparts Annie.

international Womens Day 2023

What is one challenge you have faced (and hopefully overcome) when pursuing a career?

“One of the earliest things that I faced early on in my career was when I was living in Sydney. I was working in a Sales and Marketing department and I found it really difficult because I didn’t actually have a degree. I was trying to climb the corporate ladder and I was finding roadblocks, I wasn’t getting promoted to those higher jobs because I didn’t have the degree.

That was definitely a challenge for me and a way that I overcame this is that I got into my own business and now I have ended up getting to where I could have, without needing the degree” states Julia.

This can still be a huge challenge for many women in business who may not have had the opportunity to complete a degree, or for some women that are not interested in furthering their study.

“I think the biggest thing I have had to overcome is a lot of self-doubt and thinking that I was only bringing one set of skills to the table. It took a lot of self-love and talking to myself to see that I do have strengths in other areas that I can bring to a business. It’s been a long road, but I got there” shares Nat.

Our Marketing Manager Alexis said “I think the work life parenting juggle is real but with dedication, commitment and passion it can be done”. We totally agree!

“One challenge I have faced in my career is probably finding quality opportunities where you want to live. I think that we have a lot more flexibility with being able to work remotely and I get to work in the best place in the world and live in the best place in the world right now. It’s about who you know and always put yourself out there for opportunities as you never know what might pop up” shares Ops Manager Annie.

international Womens Day 2023

Tell us an affirmation or quote you live by to build confidence.

Nathalie tells us that her absolute favourite quote and something that she lives by is “Fear has two meanings; Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise”

“I love the affirmation which I did the other morning in a meditation which is “I Am Powerful and I Can Achieve Anything” business owner Julia shares.

“There is only one of you for all of time, so fearlessly be yourself” Alexis states.

“One affirmation I live by, I actually have a tattoo reminder of this on my shoulder which is fearless. To me being fearless is not about being unafraid, it is living in spite of the things that you are afraid of and giving them a go anyway” says Annie.

We can see a reoccurring theme with our leading ladies of EBC when it comes to their favourite quotes. We are so proud to work for a business that allows for equal opportunities, support based on specific needs and encouragement to grow. Being fearlessly yourself can sometimes be frightening, but together we can learn to #EmbraceEquity and empower women in all aspects of life.

International Women’s Day 2023

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