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Top Picks From the Team Who Know Good Hair

Ethical Brand Co

Two very common questions we receive from our customers are:

This is my hair type… which products would suit me best?


Can you mix and match the ranges and/or brands?

It can be extremely hard and often overwhelming to determine which products will suit our hair type best – especially when there are lots of products to choose from!

Luckily, the team at Ethical Brand Co are very proud to offer 15ml sample sachets to allow our customers to easily test and trial different products before committing to full-sized bottles. This is the best way to discover your favourite Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free and Australian Made EverEscents, Clever Curl and Eco Style Project products, however sometimes you just need to hear what others are using!

The Ethical Brand Co team are a diverse bunch, all with different hair types! In this blog, you will read about some of our staff member’s hair types and go-to products across all three of our ethical haircare brands. We hope this information helps you that little bit more when selecting products for yourself.

The team at Ethical Brand Co have many favorites and often mix and match products on wash days depending on how we are feeling! As we are very passionate about caring for the environment with everything we do, the EBC staff refill ALL the products we use whenever they are empty to ensure we are reducing the use of unnecessary plastic.

Julia – Owner

Julia’s hair is fine in texture and shoulder-length with a slight wave. Julia’s hair is currently on the dry side due to blonde foiling. Julia loves to wear her hair straight or wavy and therefore has a variety of favourites!

Julia’s favourite curly hair combo is the Clever Curl Cleanser, Curl Treatment, Wonderfoam and Humid Weather Gel. The high moisture content and protein in the Curl Cleanser and Treatment is perfect for reversing the signs of dryness and damage. The Wonderfoam is lovely and light for Julia’s fine hair and gives her waves amazing definition whilst adding in some much-needed moisture . The Humid Weather Gel then seals in all that goodness and combats the QLD humidity!

When Julia wears her hair straight, she loves to use the Organic Remedy Shampoo and Treatment as these products contain a mid-micron protein that delivers gentle and constant repair through regular use of the products. The Remedy range is very nourishing yet still lightweight enough for fine hair. Julia will then follow with the Organic Universal Styling Cream on damp hair to reduce her frizz and create a super sleek and smooth base for blow drying.

Luke – Owner

Luke has short, fine, and thinning hair.

Luke’s favourite Organic Shampoo and Conditioner combo is the Fresh Mint. Not only does this range smell amazing, it also gives Luke’s hair a good thorough clean on his wash days. Peppermint Essential Oil is known to promote skin cell circulation in the scalp and encourage hair growth.

Luke’s favourite styler is of course the EverEscents Matt Mudd. This product provides enough hold to create a nice, lived-in look without being too heavy in Luke’s fine hair. The Matt Mudd is easily washed out and doesn’t leave any residue or build-up in Luke’s hair or on his scalp. The Matt Mudd goes everywhere Luke goes!

Alexis – Sales and Marketing Manager

Alexis has fine, long-ish, coloured hair that tends to get a bit oily.

Alexis uses the Organic Bergamot Shampoo on all wash days to give her hair and scalp a thorough and refreshing cleanse without weighing it down. The Bergamot essential oil also helps to balance sebum production and stretch out the time between Alexis’ wash days.

Alexis then follows with the Organic Remedy Treatment as it is the lightest treatment in the EverEscents range. She uses this every wash day in place of a conditioner to help keep her fine hair strong and hydrated. The super smart mid-micron Hydrolysed Rice Protein adds lots of strength, bounce, and shine to Alexis’ hair.

The Organic Ultimate Hair Enhancer is a must-have for Alexis as it keeps her hair strong, tangle free and shiny every day. She pops it in after washing and before combing to help detangle, strengthen, and protect her hair from the harsh QLD UV rays.
Last but certainly not least is the cult favourite Eco Style Project Dry Shampoo which Alexis refers to as “the God Mother of all Dry Shampoos.” Not only is it the most eco-friendly and clean Dry Shampoo on the market being formulated with Certified Organic Biomass, but it also delivers next level texture and volume with absolutely zero white residue, which is perfect for Alexis’ fine, brunette hair.

Annie – Operations Manager

Annie’s hair is shoulder length , coloured, and super thick with a slight natural wave.
Like many of us, Annie uses the Organic Bergamot Shampoo for her first cleanse as she lives an extremely active lifestyle and is often sweating up a storm at the gym. The Bergamot Shampoo thoroughly cleanses Annie’s scalp of sweat and oil. Annie then uses the Organic Lavender Shampoo for her second cleanse as it smells amazing and is nourishing enough for her thick hair.

Annie will then follow with the Organic Berry Blonde Treatment or Clever Curl Treatment to use on all wash days in place of a conditioner. Annie’s hair thrives when using these ultra-nourishing products and due to frequent colour treatments, the Hydrolysed Rice Protein in the Curl Treatment keeps Annie’s hair strong and shiny.

Annie’s favourite Organic leave-in products are the Ultimate Hair Enhancer and Leave-in Moisture. She loves the hydration and shine these products give her – not to mention the smell! Before heat styling Annie will always use the Heat Protector Cream to protect her hair from hot tools. She also loves both the Eco Style Project Dry Shampoo and Hairspray and uses these when necessary.

Hayley – Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Hayley has long, thick coloured hair that is quite wavy when using Curly Girl Method techniques. Hayley loves to wear her hair both straight and wavy, which is why she has a few favorites.

Hayley is a sucker for the Organic Fresh Mint Shampoo on all wash days. Hayley is a beach baby – The Fresh Mint Shampoo deeply cleanses and clarifies her hair of excess oil and sea salt while remaining hydrating enough for her thick, dry hair. She will then follow with the Organic Berry Blonde Shampoo to provide maximum moisture and goodness while gently reducing brassy tones.

Hayley then reaches for the EverEscents Deep Treatment to use in place of a conditioner. The Deep Treatment is Hayley’s life saver after a weekend in the sun and salt.

Hayley’s holy grail leave-in is the Organic Ultimate Hair Enhancer to provide hydration, shine, strength, and UV protection to her beachy locks. She also loves to use this product in the morning after a good sleep before brushing her knots out. Another favourite is the Organic Heat Protector while the hair is dry to tame fly-aways and smooth down fizzies.
And lastly, the Clever Curl Wonderfoam! Whenever Hayley wants to refresh and encourage her natural waves as much as possible, she will dampen her hair and hands, and scrunch a small amount of this hero product in.

Ellie – Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Ellie has a short blonde (coloured) bob which tends to be on the finer and oiler side.

Ellie uses the Organic Bergamot Shampoo for her first cleanse to clarify her hair and scalp of excess oil. Using the Bergamot Shampoo for the first cleanse also helps to open Ellie’s hair cuticle and allow the Remedy Shampoo’s protein (second cleanse) to soak in more easily. Due to Ellie’s frequent colour treatments, she swears by the advanced technology of the Organic Remedy Shampoo which has dramatically thickened and strengthened her hair over the past years. Ellie will sometimes reach for the Organic Rose Shampoo for her second cleanse to help stimulate the blood flow in her scalp and encourage hair growth.
Ellie then follows with the Organic Remedy Treatment on all wash days to nourish and strengthen her mid-lengths and ends. The Remedy Treatment is lightweight enough for Ellie’s short, fine hair.

Ellie loves to use the Organic Ultimate Hair Enhancer followed by a tiny pump of Heat Protector (a little goes a long way with this little baby!) to further strengthen, hydrate, and protect her hair. Ellie applies both products in damp hair before combing through. She will also keep the Ultimate Hair Enhancer in her beach bag and apply this before swimming or sitting in the sun.

Nathalie – Curl Specialist and Marketing & Education Coordinator

Nat has a coloured, shoulder length bob with a loose curl. Nat’s hair tends to need lots of moisture – especially in the dryer months.

Nat loves a good scalp cleanse and therefore uses the Organic Fresh Mint Shampoo as her first cleanse on all wash days. The Fresh Mint Shampoo thoroughly cleanses and clarifies Nat’s hair of excess oil and product build up – it’s great for curlies who only wash their hair every 4 + days! Nat will then follow with the Organic Remedy Shampoo on all wash days as it provides a beautiful amount of moisture and a gentle protein hit to her coloured curls.
Nat then uses the Clever Curl Rich Conditioner to further hydrate and strengthen her ends.

Nat’s absolute hero leave-in product is the Clever Curl Wonderfoam. This lightweight, foamy product provides the perfect amount of moisture and that little bit of hold for Nat’s loose curls. She will then finish with the Dry Weather Gel before diffusing to lock in all that goodness and hard work. The Dry Weather Gel allows extra moisture to penetrate Nat’s curls in between wash days, which keeps them super happy and hydrated.

Tiarna – Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Tiarna’s hair is foiled, fine and prone to oiliness. Her hair can become quite weighed down if too much product is used, so Tiarna’s wash day routine is quite simple!

Tiarna uses the Organic Bergamot Shampoo for her first shampoo to thoroughly cleanse her hair and scalp of excess oil, dirt and build up without leaving the hair limp. Like many of our fine haired staff, Tiarna will then follow with the Organic Remedy Shampoo for her second cleanse as her hair needs a regular (and very gentle) protein hit to strengthen her frequently lightened hair. As the Remedy Shampoo’s formula consists of 50% moisture and 50% protein, Tiarna finds this product does not weigh down or over-moisturise her hair at all.

Tiarna will then alternate between the Organic Remedy Treatment and Rose Conditioner. The Rose Conditioner smells amazing and is quite nourishing but lightweight enough for fine hair. The Remedy Treatment acts as an incredible everyday conditioner or a once-a-week treatment for fine, coloured hair.

Amy – Administration and IT Coordinator

Amy’s hair is shoulder length, copper colored and fine (but there’s lots of it!)
Amy loves to use the Organic Fresh Mint Shampoo for her first cleanse to help remove any oil and product build up while leaving a moreish tingling feeling on her scalp. She will then reach for the Organic Lavender Shampoo for her second cleanse to soothe and hydrate her scalp without weighing her fine hair down. This is then followed by the all-rounder Organic Rose Conditioner as it contains the perfect amount of moisture for Amy’s mid-lengths and ends (she also LOVES the smell).
The Ultimate Hair Enhancer is Amy’s go-to as it is lightweight and nourishing while providing shine, softness, and strength to her ends. She will always layer UHE with a very small amount of Organic Heat Protector Cream on the days she uses hot tools. And of course, Amy refreshes her scalp on all non-wash days with the amazing Eco Style Project Dry Shampoo. The Dry Shampoo gives Amy’s fine hair that gorgeous volume too.

Craig – Graphic Designer

Craig has a high fade haircut and a short beard. Craigs hair and beard tend to get a bit dry due to the sun and surf.
Craig loves to use the Organic Fresh Mint Shampoo twice a week to thoroughly clean his scalp and rid his hair of saltwater build up. He follows this with the Fresh Mint Conditioner as it contains the perfect amount of moisture for Craig’s hair type and smells amazing!

Craig loves a gentle cleanse for his beard and therefore uses the Organic Rose Shampoo. He then conditions with the ultra-nourishing EverEscents Deep Treatment to achieve a very hydrated, soft beard.

Kim – Customer Service Champion

Kim has recently begun embracing her natural curls and has a very talented and encouraging team behind her! Kim has very fine, loose, coloured curls.

Kim loves to alternate between the Organic Bergamot and Remedy Shampoo on her wash days. The Bergamot Shampoo is great for her fine hair and oily roots. The Bergamot will also balance Kim’s oil production and allow her stretch out her wash days. Like many of us, Kim loves to also use the Remedy Shampoo for its super smart properties to gently repair her years of coloured and damaged hair.

Kim will then follow with the Organic Remedy Treatment to moisturise and strengthen her mid-lengths and ends.
Kim’s all-time favourite wash day stylers are the Curl Cream and Dry Weather Gel. The Curl Cream provides long-lasting moisture and beautiful definition for Kim’s curls. The Dry Weather Gel locks in the moisture and provides a firm cast to further accentuate Kim’s curls. As Kim is fairly new to her curly hair journey and finds her curls can become quite dehydrated, the Dry Weather Gel’s humectant properties help to attract further moisture to her curls in between wash days.
And lastly, for refreshing Kim swears by the Wonderfoam (it’s called Wonderfoam for a reason!) The Wonderfoam provides the perfect amount of moisture and a touch of hold to rejuvenate Kim’s curls in between wash days.

Chandler – Warehouse Champion

Chandler has a thick, long curly mullet that sits on the dryer end.
Chandler will start with a double cleanse using the Clever Curl Cleanser. Chandler ensures he uses strong tension in his fingertips and thoroughly massages his entire scalp (twice) to remove dirt, product build-up and oils. He then follows with the Rich Conditioner to rehydrate his course, thirsty curls.
The Wonderfoam and Dry Weather Gel are Chandler’s go-to curly hair leave in products to help him achieve voluminous, bouncy, and hydrated curls. He will apply two pumps of Wonderfoam to his wet hair using the raking and roping techniques. Lastly, he squishes in the Dry Weather Gel before letting his hair air dry and scrunching out the crunch.

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